The top 10 esports teams of 2019 part 1

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2019 turned into a breakthrough year for esports, so we at Esportsnow decided to put together a list of who we felt were the top ten, stand-out performers in the esports world this year. 2019 was one of the best years for esports, seeing many successful and record setting tournaments taking place, record amounts of prize money being won, and record viewership numbers being smashed and recorded. Things are looking bright for esports.

Last year was a stand-out year in for esports, but who stood out as the top ten performers in 2019? Here is a list of who we felt were the top ten esports teams over the last year, the first 5 will be released today, with the following 5, including the no.1 esports team in the world, will be released tomorrow. So make sure you come back and find out who was no. 1.

Esports teams are the foundation of competitive gaming and since 2019 there have been many squads out there that have surpassed all expectations of them. But which team had the best year?

The teams we have chosen to be on this list were selected based on the impactful victories they had in 2019 with the scale of the event also taken into account. Prize earnings were definitely something we wanted to include as an additional factor, via esports earnings. And just for you, we decided that each team name will be followed by the esport in which they were most successful.

10) Sentinels – Fortnite

Prize earnings in 2019: $3,095,400

Tournament wins: Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Solo, Contender’s Solos Cash Cup, week two – NAW, Contender’s Solos Cash Cup, week six – NAE, Champion’s Solos Cash Cup, week six – NAE, Champion’s Solos Cash Cup, week seven – NAE

Sentinels had a lackluster start to the beginning of 2019. But this all changed when the organization signed 16-year-old Fortnite star Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf back in March.

This signing proved to be one of the best acquisitions all year for any team. Four months and a few online victories later, Bugha won the Solo Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 and a hefty $3 million USD in prize money. Alongside Bugha, Nick “Aspect” McGuire finished in 61st place in the Solo Fortnite World Cup Finals and 8th at the Solo Secret Skirmish, winning a total of $70,000 USD.

9) eUnited – Call of Duty

Prize earnings in 2019: $1,487,375

Tournament wins: CWL Championship 2019, CWL Pro League 2019 Finals

eUnited were considered to be one of the best teams in CoD: Black Ops IV. The North American squad had a dominant end to their 2019 campaign, winning the CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs and the CoD World League Championship 2019, the grand prize of CoD esports.

The North American organisation developed one of the best young talents in esports, CoD Champs MVP and 18-year-old Chris “Simp” Lehr. He was the best submachine gun player in the game and the linchpin of eUnited’s success in the first-person shooter title.

8) TNC Predator – Dota 2

Prize earnings in 2019: $1,821,852

Tournament wins: MDL Chengdu Major 2019, WESG 2018 (Dota 2), ESL One Hamburg 2019, Asia Pacific Predator League 2019

TNC Predator have been extremely consistent in the latter half of the Dota 2 season. After a disappointing top-12 finish at The International 2019 in August, TNC Predator won both the ESL One Hamburg 2019 in October and the MDL Chengdu Major in November. One thing is for certain, though. Unlike Team Liquid, TNC Predator know how to win tournaments.

7) SKT – League of Legends

Prize earnings in 2019: $448,810

Tournament wins: LCK Spring 2019, Rift Rivals 2019 – LCK vs LPL vs LMS/VCS, LCK Summer 2019

One of the most dominant teams in League of Legends history had to make it on this list. SKT had an impressive 2019, but its impact was unscalable in comparison to previous years. The South Korean organization finished top-four at both the Mid-Season Invitational in May and Worlds 2019 respectively, losing to European team G2 Esports both times.

6) San Francisco Shock – Overwatch

rize earnings in 2019: $1,500,000

Tournament wins: OWL season two playoffs, OWL season two, stage two

The San Francisco Shock had arguably the most emphatic run in any esports tournament of 2019. At the OWL playoffs in September, the Shock went 16 – 0 in the lower bracket to secure a place in the finals against the Vancouver Titans. But the Shock weren’t done there. They managed to beat the Titans 4 – 0 in dominant fashion in the finals. This wasn’t the first time that the Shock had beaten the Titans, however. In May, the Shock won the OWL stage two playoffs with a 4 – 2 victory.

That’s it for this half of the top ten esports teams of 2019 list. For numbers 5 – 1 make sure you tune in to tomorrow and don’t miss out on finding out who WE think was THE best esports squad out there in 2019.

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