BT becomes Excel eSports lead partner

Posted by ESports Admin January 10, 2020 in Uncategorized

Multinational telecommunications company BT British has become the lead partner of eSports organization Excel Esports. They signed a multi-year sponsorship deal, a big part of this deal is that BT will act as a jersey sponsor for the teams in Riot Games‘ LEC and UKLC.

Photo credit: Excel Esports

BT has promised Excel eSports to provide them with world-class connectivity. Which should result in a good training environment for the players. Which then could give them an edge. Excel eSports partnered in January last year Twickenham Stadium to house its League of Legends training facility and headquarters. Its UKLC team will be renamed BT Excel as part of the deal.

Robin McCammon, CCO of Excel Esports came out with a press release and had the following to say about the deal with BT: “BT is an absolutely iconic British brand that resonates globally and we can’t think of a better fit as a lead Partner to help elevate Excel to the next level. This is a sponsorship that will reach beyond the conventional sponsorship formula. BT is about connectivity and community and that is exactly what Excel and esports in general is all about. Having such a recognisable brand commit to a long term partnership really shows the strength of the UK esports industry and the growth of Excel.”

Photo credit: Excel Esports

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT, also came out with some statements and said“The UK is increasingly a nation of gamers, and esports is hugely popular and growing across the world. Excel Esports shows incredible promise as a leading UK-based team and working closely with them is a natural extension of our commitment to provide the connectivity and skills to help people across the UK realise their potential.”

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