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Founded 22 Dec 2017

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Quake Champions is developed by id Software and published by bethesda. Quake Champions is a first-person shooter video game. Id Software are known for there arena shooter games and are well known for creating the game Doom.
Quake Champions is the latest release of the quake series of multiplayer shooters. It took id Software a little bit of time to come out with a new game for the Quake series. Quake 4 came out was released in 2005 so it took them 12 years to create this game.
Quake Champions is a free to play game. This Quake game is a little bit different than the older versions. You are able to pick the champion you prefer and they all have special abilities with a certain cool off period.
Quake Champions is staying close to his roots.The game will be very fast, its graphics will be running at 120hz with unlocked frame rates. It's a fast paced and instinct based gameplay that their fans are expecting.
Quake Champions eSports
Quake is known for the game that started off competitive gaming. When Quake Champions launched there was a huge eSports event organised in Dallas, Texas from August 24, 2017 to August 27, 2017. QuakeCon 2017 came in with a prize pool of $1 million.
In the tournament, big names from the past came back to get a piece of that money. Players such as Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager, Shane "Rapha" Hendrixson, and Nikita "clawtz" Marchinsky fought for the $100 thousand which were awarded to the winner of the tournament. The young talented Belarus player Clawz, managed to come out as the winner with some amazing gameplay.
Quake Champions has now its own professional league. The Quake pro League and all the big names like Rapha, k1llsen, Cooller are competing. A lot of new names are in there as well and are capable to compete with the old legends in the game. Currently the Quake legend Rapha is still on top but the league has still a long way to go.
You are capable as an amateur to qualify yourself to the Quake pro League through the Quake Pro Challenge League. You can try and compete with the big guns of the scene. It is a long road and you will have to win a lot duels to get there. Quake youngster Cypher was not competing for a while and qualified himself through the Challenger series to compete with the very best again. The youngster from Belarus is still capable of competing with the top of the Quake scene so it is going to be interesting to see how he will do during this season.
Quake Champions betting operators
Quake Champions betting is available at almost any popular sportsbooks. In this article you will find all the sportsbook that offer you the option for Quake Champions betting and with the best odds. There are different betting markets to chose from these include: the match winners market, the handicap market, the futures or outright winners markets, and the betting specials markets.
Quake Champions is a game that has been dominated for years now and also in the Quake Pro League the Legend Rapha is on top again. We can say now though that with the round robin style of competing there has been a couple of upsets. Just looking at Swedish professional Quake player Toxjq and Polish Quaker Av3k, they are struggling to compete in the upper part of the bracket. The new guy on the block is north American player psygib, he is currently the surprise of the league and competing in the upper brackets.

Quake Champions Betting Strategy
Betting on Quake Champions is something that you need a little bit of knowledge for. Most top Quake players are streaming on Twitch so you can follow them there and see how there form is doing. As it is round a round robin league style of play there will be upsets and surprising results. So following them a little bit will help you determine on who you think will be on top of the end of the duel you want to bet on.
In addition to that you can also check out how they have been performing in their latest matches. Obviously we at eSportsnow are the ones to deliver you all the results. We advise you though for all stats and results to check out https://liquipedia.net/ for a nice overview with everything you need to know to make the right bets.