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League of Legends (commonly referred to as LoL) is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Riot Games. In League of Legends gameplay players assume the role of a ‘Summoner’ that controls a selected champion, each of which has their own unique abilities, and take part in 5-on-5 battles against a team of other players. The goal of the game is usually to destroy the opposing team’s “nexus”, a structure which lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive towers. Each League of Legends match begins with all champions starting off relatively weak, players required to increase their champions strength by accumulating items and experience over the course of the match. As things stand, LoL is one of the biggest esports in the world. Since 2011 Riot Games has hosted the annual League of Legends World Championship, where 16 professional teams compete for the title of champion and $1,000,000 USD in prize money. As well as the League of Legends World Championship, Riot Games also hosts the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in which twenty teams compete in separate LCS leagues in both Europe and North America, ten teams in each region. Both LCS leagues are ‘split’ into two parts, one split held in the spring and one in the summer.

Short answer, yes. Your League of Legends download will be free. Long answer, while yes the wildly popular MOBA PC game is free to download and free to play for as long as you want, “free-to-play,” like “freemium,” doesn’t always mean free. For example, in 2019 the game generated over $1 billion in microtransactions. The good news for prospective new LoL players is that LoL doesn’t sell power, so players cannot buy victory over their opponents. What makes LoL not a completely free-to-play game is the existence of ‘runes’. The League of Legends runes system is a kind of variation of levels in other games. Players need to level up the runes of their champions, but to maximize the runes in League of Legends is nearly impossible for gamers who just play casually. Players can get their League of Legends download at the official League of Legends sign up site here. Just select the appropriate region: League of Legends EUW or League of Legends EUNE it doesn’t matter, you can use the link above.

Considered one of the top 3 esports in the world, wherever you choose to place your bets you are likely to find whatever LoL bets you are looking for. Almost any big LoL competition will have odds offered on the games and tournament winners, but the availability of more specific bets, often depends on the size of the tournament. If you are interested in LoL betting, it is important to take your time, do you research and bet at the right bookmakers suiting your preferences. If you are just starting out you might want to bet at the bookmaker with the best bonuses. But when you get ahead and start winning a lot, punters often choose the bookmaker with the best odds or lowest margins. To find the right bookmaker for you (including info on odds and bonuses), please visit our home page. Becoming successful at League of Legends betting is not so different to other esports. Watching live games, vods and replays is always important – the more you know about the game the better. Keeping up with the current meta-game and League of Legends patch notes updates is also super important, as different strategies and heroes vary in popularity and strength over time. Punters can try and use their knowledge about the LoL meta-game as a bases to find mispriced odds at different esports bookmakers. New patches affect League of Legends gameplay and often give punters the opportunity to bet against a strong favorite team who might have key players who recently have only rotated between two or three heroes. If these heroes have been nerfed in the latest patch as often occurs, this might give punters an opportunity to rake it in on some long odds. Knowing what kind of strategies the different teams favor can also be useful information. As with many other MOBA esports, drafting is very important in LoL. A good captain or drafter can often make a really big difference in deciding who will take the match.

There are tons of sportsbook operators out there and figuring out who to choose from and where to bet on LoL. One of the best options available is GG.bet. While prop bets are usually available on many different sites, GG.bet often post lines on events and props long before many of the other online operators do. This early access gives punters the option to get their LoL bets locked in at a set price they like before other sportsbooks even get their odds out. For punters who want to keep things simple and stick to the moneylines just about any online sportsbook will do, including Arcanebet and Rivalry. Before you decide on which sportsbook to deposit with, have a look around and compare your odds to see which one fits best for you.

Understanding betting odds is an important step in being able to successfully bet on League of Legends gameplay. Let’s say that FunPlus Phoenix is the slight favorite in an upcoming Bo3 matchup against G2 Esports. A moneyline event may offer odds listed in the American format that might look like this: FunPlus Phoenix (-150) vs. G2 Esports (+110). Odds with a ‘-’ in front of the number indicate the total amount a punter would have to bet to win $100. So a $150 bet on FunPlus Phoenix at -150 will pay $100. This ratio holds up regardless of the bet amount, so an $75 bet would yield a profit of $50 if it wins and a $1500 bet would pay out $1000. A bet with the ‘+’ preceding the odds is a bet on the underdog. This number indicates how much a punter would win after placing a bet of $100. So betting $100 on G2 Esports at +110 would pay out $110, while a bet of $200 would pay out $220. Not all sportsbooks use American odds however, some using the decimal format. In decimals, the same matchup would be listed as FunPlus Phoenix (1.75) vs. G2 Esports (2.10). When using decimals, you just have to multiply your wagered amount by the decimal to see what your total payout will be. For example, $100 x 2.10 on G2 Esports = $210. This equates to your original $100 bet back plus a $110 profit; the same as +110. Similarly, a $200 wager on FunPlus Phoenix will yield a total payout of $200 x 1.75 = $350, which is a profit of $150. Regardless of which format you read the odds in, the payouts on each of the sides offered remains the same. Most decent sportsbooks will even let you choose your preferred betting odds format. No matter what type of League of Legends bet you want to make, you should always be able to figure out your projected payouts and risks, using these numbers.

Total Rounds
PropositionBetting (aka Prop Bets)
Who will win a certain map?
Which team will get first blood?
Team to slay the first Baron
Winner of MSI
Winner of LEC Spring Split
MATCH WINNER: Bet on the winner of the match

FIRST BLOOD: Bet on a certain team to get the first kill in a match.

FIRST TEAM TO GET 10 KILLS: Bet on a particular team to be the first to reach 10 kills in a match.

MOST KILLS: Bet on a team of your choice to obtain the most kills in a particular match.

TEAM TO SLAY FIRST DRAGON: Bet on a particular team to be the first to slay a dragon in a match.

TEAM TO DESTROY FIRST TOWER: Bet on a particular team to be the first to destroy a tower in a match.

TOTAL KILLS SCORED: Bet on the amount of kills to be over or under on a number provided by your chosen bookmaker.

TOURNAMENT WINNER: Bet on a certain team winning a particular tournament.

Riot Games, creators of LoL, provide live-streams of every single regional and major League of Legends tournament directly on their official website, all-year round. From the European and North American League of Legends Championship Series to the numerous other regional tournaments like the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), Tencent League of Legends Pro League (LPL), League of Legends Oceania Pro League (OPL), or the League of Legends World Championship at the end of the year, LoL fans can tune in on the official LoL esports site for up-to-date, HD live-streams of every single event. Another option is Twitch.tv, the premier live-streaming site around the world, essentially the go-to place to watch anything esports or video game-related. It should come as no surprise, then, that Riot Games has a very active presence on the platform, with their official Twitch channel hosting thousands of clips of past LoL esports action, along with regularly updated live-streams of the latest-running pro LoL events. The official LoL Twitch channel has over 2 million subscribers, so LoL fans can both watch live-streams and join in on the discussion with a legion of other LoL fans while the event is unfolding. The last, but certainly not least option for watching is League of Legends Youtube. Riot Games provide all their LoL tournament broadcasts to YouTube’s gaming and esports section, YouTube Gaming. They have an official LoLEsports YouTube channel which hosts both live-streams and VODs (Video on Demand) of every major LoL esports event organized under their banner. YouTube is undoubtedly the most accessible and easiest opriton for casual fans to tune-in and watch their favourite League of Legends YouTube competitive tournaments. The channel has over 2,534,035 subscribers and regularly updates its content with other LoL related video content, definitely worth checking out.

What are Champions in League of Legends? They are the player-controlled characters in LoL, selected by players when beginning a game. Each champion possesses unique abilities and attributes, and as of the 10th of November 2019 there are currently 146 released League of Legends champions, the latest being Senna, the Redeemer. Champions are categorized into several different categories defined by their standard roles in the game and other relevant traits. All of the League of Legends champions have their own lore, short stories, reveals, and comics currently considered canon to the main League of Legends universe as well as Alternate Universes. New champions are often added to the roster several times a year, and older champions often revisited to improve their gameplay and visuals to modern standards, usually in each League of Legends patch notes update released throughout the year.

We at esportsnow how you have enjoyed this guide to League of Legends betting and hope you will find it useful. Go get your League of Legends download, your League of Legends sign up, and check out League of Legends YouTube and follow all the latest LoL action. Whether you’re from League of Legends EUW or League of Legends EUNE it doesn’t matter. Play smart, place your bets and you could walk away a League of Legends champion.