Season 10 champions Na’Vi defeated in R6 Pro League by debutants ForZe

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Pro League debutants ForZe today defeated season 10 champions Na’Vi in the first games of the R6 Pro League season 11. The Rainbow Six Pro League returned today, fans not having to wait long for what could be one of the biggest upsets of the year, where, in the European division, ForZe beat Natus Vincere on Clubhouse 7 – 3.

The R6 Pro League returned for season 11 today with a huge upset in the European division where ForZe beat Natus Vincere on Clubhouse 7 – 3. After what was a massive win at the season 10 Tokoname, Japan Finals, Na’Vi were unable to bring their momentum into matchday one of season 11.

Na’Vi’s current squad entered the Pro League in season 10, and while the run they had was extremely impressive, it looks like the champions have a bit of rust to shake off going forward into season 11.

Expectations for both teams coming into the new season were high but ForZe entered their inaugural Pro League season, hungry for a win. ForZe impressed before entering the Pro League with wins over Giants Gaming, DarkZero Esports, and Fnatic during the Six Major Raleigh in August. Since then, it looks as though the team has been working hard to retain their good form.

It took Na’Vi four full rounds to pick up a win, which is highly unusual for the season 10 champion squad. Nobody could have expected to see Na’Vi give up four straight rounds on defense, the side that is traditionally considered more kind to start on.

Na’Vi continuously failed to show up throughout the match, even after switching to attack. The use of Goyo during Na’Vi’s defense seemed to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Conversely, ForZe were able to keep up the pressure on both sides of the map. The team’s strong attacks clearly shook Na’Vi from the start and the Pro League newcomers capitalised on Na’Vi’s hesitance like a veteran Pro League squad. If this opening matchup is any indication, ForZe are primed to cause many more upsets as the season rolls, the European division of the R6 Pro League returning on Wednesday, January 8th. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.

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