PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split 2020 unveiled with $1 million prize pool

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PUBG Corp confirmed today that the PUBG Mobile 2020 season will kick off with the newly-revealed PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split. Registrations for the tournament have begun and will be open till January 21st.

PUBG Corp announced and revealed today that the PUBG Mobile 2020 season is set to kick off with the brand new PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Spring Split which is set to feature a $1,000,000 USD total prize-pool. Registrations for the tournament are now open and will be until January 21st.

The schedule for the spring split is as follows:

  • Registration: Jan. 3-21
  • Qualification: Jan. 23 to Feb. 2
  • Regional group stage: Feb
  • Regional semi-finals: Feb
  • Regional finals: March
  • World League: May

Like last year’s PMCO, the tournament will be played in a third-person perspective across all four maps of the battle royale game, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. A lot of new regions have been added to the PMCO in 2020 compared to last year’s. The regions for the PMCO Spring Split 2020 are as follows:

LATAM, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South Asia, Wildcard, SEA Wildcard, North America, Brazil, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, & Pakistan.

PUBG Corp hopes the PMCO Spring Split will set the stage for PUBG Esports in 2020. This includes Pro Leagues in SEA, the Americas, and South Asia. All of this will lead to the PUBGM World League which will be followed by the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020. The expected prize pool for PUBG Mobile Esports in 2020 is predicted to be over $5 million USD.

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