PUBG expanding its competitive scene with PUBG Global Series in 2020

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After a successful 2019 Global Championship, PUBG corp. are launching the PUBG Global Series (PGS), according to a post today on the game’s website. The PUBG Global Series will be split up into four events, culminating in a final PUBG Global Championship (PGC).

Global esports competitions like the Fortnite World Cup and the League of Legends World Championships saw immense success in 2019, breaking all sorts of prize and viewership records. PUBG Corp. are looking to get in on the action by increasing their worldwide series to four events by introducing the PUBG Global Series and expand on its competitive scene.

“The four PGS events will be hosted in major cities around the world in April, July, October and November, each featuring 32 teams and larger prize pools supplemented with crowdfunding,” stated PUBG Corp. on their website. “The final event of 2020 is the PUBG Global Championship, with the first three events all serving as both major live events unto themselves and qualification tournaments for the PGC.”

Regional leagues, like North America’s National PUBG League (NPL), will become a qualification system determining which teams will enter the PGS. The first three events will also be qualification tournaments that will help decide which teams move on to the coveted Global Championships.

The top four teams from this year’s Global Championships T1, OGN Entus Force, OGN Entus Ace, and grand final winners Gen.G will automatically be entered into the introductory PUBG Global Series, the Berlin event scheduled for April 2020. All other teams will compete for the 28 remaining spots at the regional qualifiers starting this February.

Like last year, in 2020 PUBG fans and players will be able to contribute to the PGS prize pool by purchasing in-game items, with each of the four events getting their own unique graphics. Further information on regional qualifiers, key dates, and in-game items will be revealed in January.

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