Most popular Twitch streamers 2019?

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Another year in the books and at esportsnow we are looking back at the year 2019. Who was our most popular twitch streamers 2019 ? What streamer grew the most? What twitch channel was most watched? You can read it all here.

Most watched twitch channels?

Let’s first look at the most-watched twitch channels. Who is most popular twitch streamers 2019? Riot games are on top of the list this year with over 114,692 hours watched. And number two we got American Fortnite start Tfue we have over 94,199 hours watched. Which is insane if you compare him with summit1g the second streamer on the list in place 5 who has over 65,254 hours watched. Overwatch league takes the bronze medal this year at place 3 with over 80,483 hours watched. Even former Twitch superstars Ninja and Shroud are still in this list while they in the meantime made the big move towards mixer.

Fastest growing Twitch channels?

The fastest growest twitch channel is dominated by Tfue he had an average viewer count of 44,537 in 2019. With which he leaves his competition fare behind. He gained 3,286,011 followers this year only. Still, a lot of Fortnite streamers are growing fast likes of mongraal and World Champion bugha are both in the top 10. Same as in the Most watched twitch channels the likes of Ninja and Shroud are also in this list even though they already made a move towards

Most streamed games?

The most streamed game of 2019 is still Fortnite, League of Legends is a good second and Apex legends takes the bronze medal home for 2019. The biggest surprise in the list is World of Warcraft, they had a big launch and brought back old wow. It exploded on twitch and they are taking down place 4 in the list. Also, the category just chatting is very popular on twitch. A place where the twitch community can bound with there stream

Most watched games on Twitch?

The most-watched game on twitch game of 2019 is League of Legends. The game is still pulling in crazy viewer numbers in the year 2019. This is absolutely crushing it and every esports events millions tune in to watch it all go down. On the second place, we find Fortnite the game lost a bit of its popularity due to a lot of controversy within the game and especially with the esports scene the game lost its crown. Will Fortnite lose popularity even more and will we go back to more traditional esports in 2020? Biggest suprise in this list GTA V, as the game popped off when a lot of big streamers like summit1g started role playing a good amount of time in 2019. The outcome for hilarious content and a big boost in viewer numbers for the never boring GTA V at 4th place.