Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update & Patch notes Jan. 11

Posted by ESports Admin January 12, 2020 in Call of DutyUncategorized

Infinity Ward has released patch notes for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, addressing various glitches, bugs, and gameplay improvements. The latest updates to Modern Warfare are now live, and will hopefully appease some of the bad feedback the latest installment of CoD has been receiving from fans and pros alike.

Infinity Ward yesterday released a new set of patch notes for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which they hope will address various glitches, bugs, and gameplay improvements highlighted by fans and pros alike, since it’s recent launch.

If you’ve played Ground War on the map Karst River Quarry within the last two weeks, you have most probably encountered a cheater exploiting various glitches around the map that allows them to clip into walls and avoid taking damage while still able to shoot other players. Thankfully for CoD fans, however, Infinity Ward has released an update fixing these glitches, and Ground War can return to its naturally chaotic meta.

Another glitch causing headaches for players was a bug that would not allow the “Mark 25 enemies Using the Recon Drone” challenge to be completed. Regardless of how many times an enemy was marked, the challenge failed to track properly and would never progress.

There were issues with Trials matches also, which featured a bug that would sometimes allow a Trials ticket to be spent, even though the match itself was not activated. All completionists and Trials enthusiasts can sleep easy again knowing these issues will no longer be an issue.

The last noteworthy fix in the patch update states that when there are more than nine players infected in the Infected game mode, the player will no longer have a throwing knife after using a Tac Insert. This change will balance the gameplay and give survivors more of a fighting chance. Before this patch, once a certain number of players became infected, the game was basically over, since they could place a Tac Insert near the survivors and spam throwing knives each time they spawned. Now, survivors may be able to hold out and actually win a match.

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