Best plays from Overwatch League 2019

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We at esportsnow wanted to bring you what we thought were the seven most heart-stopping, best Overwatch plays from the OWL 2019 League. A mix of great plays, clutch moments and surprise comebacks, these are the sort of plays that make you stop, stand up and say wow, and is exactly why the Overwatch League is growing in popularity among esports fans every year.

Looking for the best Overwatch plays from 2019? Well you’ve come to the right place. We at esportsnow have put together what we think are seven of the best moments from this year’s Overwatch League, to share some of those moments which really caught our breaths in 2019. 

Every Overwatch League match feature a dearth of great plays and clutch moments, which should be no surprise considering the league pits the best Overwatch players in the world against each other. And out of these thousands of individual moments, only some can be really considered moments of greatness. These are the seven moments that have been constantly replayed, shared, and been given a true in-depth analysis throughout the year, and maybe they will bring back some exciting memories of 2019.

7) Chandelier Bastion vs Vancouver Titans

During the 2019 Overwatch League grand finals, the San Francisco Shock showed tons of determination and fight. No play could have been more a reflection of this mindset more than DPS Park “Architect” Min-ho’s wild Bastion antics on Eichenwalde versus the Vancouver Titans. As the Shock were rounding the corner on their attack, Architect required better sight lines to make use of Bastion’s ultimate. So, Rascal took things into his own hands rather than waiting for teammate Kim “Rascal” Dong-jun to lift him to the large chandelier with Mei’s Ice Wall.

Instead, Min-Ho used Bastion’s ultimate fire to launch himself off the nearest ledge and flew directly onto the chandelier. This unprecedented move allowed San Francisco to push the Titans back, ultimately allowing them to take all three points on Eichenwalde. Architect’s play was one of those rare times where style mixed perfectly with practicality.

6) The “Dafran Grav” vs Paris Eternal

Well known streamer Daniel “Dafran” Francesca only appeared in the league for a single stage as part of the Atlanta Reign squad. In that brief time, he certainly made his mark with a memorable play, a well-placed Graviton Surge against the Paris Eternal, reportedly inspired by Reddit.

During the match, Dafran and main support Petja “Masaa” Kantanen rode the elevator to the top of Hollywood’s Point A, confusing even the Overwatch League’s casters. From there they proceeded to use Zarya’s alternate fire and Lúcio’s speed to launch themselves over the roof, dropping a Graviton Surge straight on the unsuspecting Eternal. Definitely the most stylish play of 2019, this is a play Overwatch fans won’t forget in a long time.

5) Erster eliminates six vs Washington Justice

Want a job done right? Do it yourself. Jeong “Erster” Joon proved this statement when he ferociously took the Atlanta Reign’s fate into his own hands while attacking the first point of Eichenwalde.

Erster, as Tracer, snuck around the tower corner as Nathan “frd” Goebel readied Sombra’s EMP ultimate. The EMP caused the Washington Justice to find themselves without defenses as Erster slam-dunked a Pulse Bomb into the frontline and scored four immediate kills. Erster cleaned up the point with a few easy shots, scoring himself an “ace,” or six eliminations credited to a single person in the kill feed.

4) Fury’s quick reflexes vs Atlanta Reign

Kim “Fury” Jun-ho is widely regarded as one of the most talented D.Va players in professional Overwatch, especially when it comes to absorbing ultimates. Thee off-tank formerly of the London Spitfire was picked up by the Philadelphia Fusion for the 2020 Overwatch League season. It may have been plays like this one that brought him to their attention.

The Spitfire were taking on the Atlanta Reign in a chaotic teamfight. Atlanta’s DPS Andrej “Babybay” Francisty readied himself to use Zarya’s Graviton Surge, when, within a split second, Fury turned all the way around to “eat” the Graviton Surge, before immediately returning to protect their backline. Absorbing ultimates is usually tricky for D.Va players when that one job is their only focus. Fury on the other hand are able to do it so quickly that it takes multiple watchings of the clip to see exactly what he did.

3) DDing and CoMa’s massive Barrage vs San Francisco Shock

As we all know, teamwork makes the dream work, and so was the case for DPS Yang “DDing” Jin-hyeok and support Son “CoMa” Kyeong-woo of the Shanghai Dragons this year. During their stage championship match versus the San Francisco Shock, both players worked synonymously, demolishing the enemy team with a single ultimate.

As the Shock attempted to take the first point of Horizon Lunar Colony, the Dragons set up DDing for a perfect ultimate. The Shock were trapped in an open “hallway,” when DDing unleashed Barrage on the entire team, breaking shields and using up defenses. CoMa, as Mercy, flew in to body block his Pharah when the enemy D.Va tried to strike back. Certainly a team effort from the Shanghai Dragons, though it took CoMa’s quick thinking to allow DDing to capitalise on some optimal positioning.

2) KariV puts Haksal to sleep vs Vancouver Titans

The Los Angeles Valiant had a rough start to the 2019 Overwatch League season, wracking up a winless 0 – 7 record and weathering many unfavorable meta shifts. One thing that never changed however, was Park “KariV” Young-seo’s ability to hit aggressive DPS players with Ana’s Sleep Darts. KariV, the flex support, has now signed to the Toronto Defiant, signed for his well-earned reputation for quick reflexes against enemy damage dealers no doubt.

His most impressive play using sleep darts surely came against the Vancouver Titans’ Kim “Haksal” Hyo-jong on Dorado. Haksal, on Pharah, hovered behind KariV and the Valiant backline, using a roof for cover. KariV aimed upwards with perfect projectile timing and put Haksal to sleep, causing the DPS to slide down the roof and directly into a Los Angeles Valiant slaughterhouse. If this one wasn’t enough, you can check out this video compiled by a Reddit user showing many of KariV’s best darts from 2019

1) JJanu goes hog wild vs New York Excelsior

OK.. So maybe that wasn’t the play.. But we couldn’t find the actual play we wanted to show you on YouTube so we showed you what could have been JJanu’s second best play in 2019. To see the play check it out on Twitch by checking the link below:

During the 2019 Overwatch League season, Choi “JJanu” Hyeon-woo was most well-known for his D.Va play as a part of the Vancouver Titans squad. As the season progressed and metas changed, JJanu was allowed to let out his wild side on Roadhog, the New York Excelsior facing the brunt of his off-tank expertise on Blizzard World.

As the Excelsior tried to move the payload past the bridge section of the map, JJanu was able to take the high ground. He eliminated one support with Roadhog’s hook, then got a Nano Boost from his Ana. Using Roadhog’s Whole Hog ultimate, he eliminated three more members of Excelsior. JJanu then hopped off the high ground and cleaned up the rest of the squad. Much like Erster above, JJanu scored the rare ace by eliminating all six members of an enemy team.

This has been what we at esportsnow believe have been the seven biggest most memorable best Overwatch plays from the 2019 Overwatch League season. We hope you enjoyed it and it brought back some exciting Overwatch memories from throughout the year.

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